Insta Trim Men’s Compression and Body-Support Undershirt


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Are you tired of seeing your friends flexing all over social media? Are you discouraged by their super fit profile pictures? Do you hate looking down at your dress shoes only to be met with your belly staring right back at you? If you answered yes, yes, and yes to all these questions then you have come to the right place. This insta-slim tank will make all of your friends jealous of your new profile picture, you will finally be able to see how shiny your dress shoes are in the sun, and you can pretend to flex on social media just like all your friends.
16 firming panels tighten midsections and waists
Supports weary backs and helps improve posture
Fits seamlessly beneath T-shirts, button-downs, and superhero suits
Polyester-spandex blend
Machine wash, air dry; do not bleach

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